Halloween Tales and Stories

The Tales of Halloween, Told by Longhorn Nation

Whether you are gathering for a spooky Zoom call or needing a new bedtime story, check back daily for a new reading of classic and new-to-you Halloween tales. 

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"The Raven"

Read by: Dr. Douglas Bruster
Mody C. Boatright Regents Professor in American and English Literature
Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
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"Where Is My Broom?"

Read by: Ms. Mary Morgan
Development Associate
University Events, University Development Office
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"Only a Witch Can Fly"

Read by: Dr. Mia Carter
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of English, College of Liberal Arts
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Recited by: Dr. Michael Starbird
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences
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“The Family of a Vourdalak”

Read by: Dr. Thomas Garza
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Iverson and "The Scariest Book"

"The Scariest Book"

Read by: Dr. Brent Iverson
Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies
Warren J. and Viola Mae Raymer Professorship
Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences


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Original Halloween Stories

Gather ‘round the campfire to find out who has the spookiest story of all. We invite you to read some of the UT Austin community's original stories! Check back daily for new stories. 

Stories are rated based on spooooookiness. Please see below:

  • 1 skeleton = no goosebumps here (if you have them, put on a sweater)
  • 2 skeletons = scaredy-cats beware
  • 3 skeletons = sleep with the lights on tonight

Want to submit your story? Click here for the submission guidelines.


1 Skeleton Stories 

The Ghost in the Mirror 

A Cold Sweat 

12 Foot Giant Skeleton

The Piano in the Basement 

Halloween In Mars


2 Skeleton Stories

An Everlasting Wish 


Church Yard at Dusk 

A Wolf in the Garden 

Mysterious Visitor

Evening Departure

We Are Watchers

Always Turn Off Your Computer 

The Traveler 


3 Skeleton Stories 

Tap Tap Tap